A selection of research articles on Iran, Islam, US foreign policies, West Asia and North Africa, critical theory and world politics



Introduction to A CRITICAL INTRODUCTION TO KHOMEINI (Cambridge University Press, 2014)
A critical introduction to Khomeini Intr
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German Journal for Politics, Economics and Culture of the Middle East (2013)
See pp. 30-38
What is Power in Iran - The shifting fou
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Middle East Critique (Summer 2012): What is Radicalism? Power and Resistance in Iran
Middle East Critique 2012 What is Radica
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Middle East Journal of Culture and Communication 2012: Arab Revolts, Postmodernity and Islam
Middle East Journal of Culture 2012 The
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Critical Studies 2010 Discourse and Violence: The friend-enemy conjuction in contemporary Iranian-American relations
Critical Studies of Terrorism Discourse
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Monthly Review 2007 Abu Ghraib and Insaniyat (being human)
MR 2007 Abu Ghraib and Insaniyat.pdf
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Third World Quarterly 2007 Manufacturing War: Iran in the Neoconservative Imagination
Manufacturing War.pdf
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Critique 2007 Inventions of the Iran-Iraq War
Critique Inventions of the Iran-Iraq War
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Middle East Report 2006 The Whole Range of Saddam Hussein's War Crimes
MER 2006 The Whole Range of Saddam Husse
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Third World Quarterly 2006 The Pluralistic Momentum in Iran and the Future of the Reform Movement
Pluralistic Momentum in Iran.pdf
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Critique 2005 Islamic Utopian Romanticism and the Foreign Policy Culture of Iran
Islamic Utopian Romanticism.pdf
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Cambridge Review 2002 September 11th and the Struggle Within Islam
Cambridge Review 2002 Global Intifadah-
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