Declassified Documents

Nixon to the Shah of Iran: "US intellectuals are failures" (1972)
White House Memo May 1972 President Nixo
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US-Iranian support for the Kurdish Insurgency in Iraq (1972)
White House Memo Oct. 1972 US-Iranian su
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The shah and the Camp-David Accords (1978)
White House Memo Sept. 1978 The Shah's R
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Admission of the shah to the US for medical treatment (1979)
White House Memo 1979 Brzezinski recomme
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Detailed Account of the Iran-Contra Affair (1985)
White House Memo 1985 Detailed account o
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Iran-Contra Affair and Directive to Support pro-US forces in Iran (1986)
White House Memo 1986 Directive to Suppo
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